UI/UX and SEO audit service for website performance.



Webery is Pixons own project to provide website performance audit services.

Redesigning websites for small businesses, we discovered that it was difficult for many owners to analyze the efficiency of their websites.

So we decided to start a website analysis service. It is aimed to provide website owners with easy-to-read UI/UX & SEO performance reports and corresponding recommendations.


Website UI/UX and SEO audit services provision


Idea-to-life in-house development


Pixons Own Project

Launch Date

Late 2016


The idea came in when we noticed that most of our website redesign customers used visual appeal and SEO as the only website evaluation metrics. Surprisingly, they didn’t consider content structure, usability, and website performance.

We want to share our professional evaluation of the website user interface and performance, to ensure the business owners have all the necessary information about their online presence.


We created a simple and clean responsive design.

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webery image
webery image
webery image
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For our one-page MVP development we chose pretty basic solutions. The Front-End is presented via responsive HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery with SVG animations.

The Back-End is organized with the help of WordPress.

  • stripe
  • nodejs
  • html5
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