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Responsive design for the famous website showcase gallery.

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About CSS Mania

CSSMania is the worldwide leader of the CSS Showcases genre.

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CSSMania presents the most recent and beautiful website designs from all over the world. With CSSMania you can follow the latest design trends or tell the world about your new website launch.

The showcase is a great source of inspiration and knowledge for designers and developers. As well as, great way for business owners to stay updated and be one step ahead of their competitors.


Web Design
Front-End Development


Responsive Design


Gabriel Segura,
Founder of CSSMania

Completion Date

June 2012

CSS Mania mobile view

The Need

At some point CSS Mania realized that the number of people browsing the gallery from phones and tablets became critical. The best way to react was to create a responsive design to cover all the necessary resolutions.

The guys didn’t have an in-house team to handle the design and front-end work and they came to us.

The Solution

We involved a designer and front-end developer to make the website responsive. At the same time, we understood we had to be more than careful, since the changes were to be made right on the live website.

That’s why we paid special attention to the QA process and to the “on the go” support while going live.

CSS Mania mobile view
Responsive Design

Optimized for browsing on mobile and desktop devices


Compatible with all the modern web browsers

The Result

Our well-synchronized communication with the client allowed us to do the job within a month:

  • Prototype responsive designs hand-in-hand with the development
  • Prepare mobile and tablet design versions for the existing website
  • Flawlessly integrate code changes into the live website

“ Pixons Team played a massive role in the expansion of our online presence with the use of their service to make our site responsive. Their attention to detail and issues we might face when implementing the changes live, were excellent. While a small company, their dedication to their customers is what made us decide for their services. ”

Gabriel Segura, Founder of CSS Mania
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